SRI kicked off operations in December 2020 in the midst of the Great Ammunition Crisis of 2020.  We noticed an opportunity amid all the price gouging for a small company to focus entirely on high quality ammunition and offer it at decent pricing without hidden fees.  We're not looking to be the next big retailer and we're not a source for plinking or training ammunition - we offer hunting, defense, and match ammunition at very good prices.

You can sign up for periodic inventory announcements by registering your email with us at the bottom of this page.  We won't spam you.  You'll get updates on shipments we're about to receive, price cuts on existing inventory, and that's about it.  No daily deals.  No special promotions.  No political stuff.

We're an FFL 08 and Class 1 SOT based in Phoenix, AZ.  Documentation is available upon request.

Quality Expectations

Our goal is to be the most aggressively priced new production, brass case ammunition on AmmoSeek for the particular bullet weight and construction that we're selling.  Sometimes this is not possible, but we always price aggressively for the quality of ammunition we are selling.  "Match" labeled ammunition from our suppliers means that is intentionally loaded to be more precise than mass produced ammunition.  You should expect it to group well.

We represent all products on our site accurately.  If we claim that a round is manufactured with Peterson brass and a Laupa bullet, it will have Peterson brass and a Lapua bullet.  Not components that are similar or "just as good."  The brass used in the ammunition we sell is high quality and is known throughout the industry to be reliable and consistent, which we expect reloaders will appreciate!

Chrono data represented here is either directly from the factory or directly observed by us out of SRI firearms using our own chrono equipment.  This will be noted in the advertisement.  None of our chrono figures are cherrypicked.  They are the actual, observed chrono data for that round out of barrel lengths specified.  We will also include customer photos with permission when they are submitted to us.

All reviews on this site are actual customer reviews.  We do not pay customers for reviews here or anywhere else.

Our Pricing Model

Our business model emphasizes inventory turnover instead of maximizing the price per round which translates into smaller lots of high-quality ammunition sold at aggressive pricing.

Some Of Your Stuff Is Way Too Cheap.  Why?

We're not always cheaper.  Sometimes our timing is off.  We place orders when we think we can offer a quality product at below market rate.  We're doing our job when we're at top of the list on!  How we can undercut pricing and still have this business be worthwhile:
  1. We're online only and we keep overhead low.  We don't have rent or utilities or a storefront that we need to pass along to you.  The money this company makes goes right back into the company.  Our priority (for now) is growing the company so we can capture more market share and make names for the brands we carry.
  2. We buy directly from manufacturers.  Common brands of ammunition are sold through distributors before getting to retailers.  Each time a product changes hands, the seller layers on their margin which increases costs for the buyer who passes that on to the next buyer.  Buying directly from the factory gets us around the extra costs added by middlemen.
  3. We like to stock ammunition in-house but we will dropship if it's better for the customer and if the factory will support the request.  This saves everyone money by avoiding the expenses of shipping to us first, us repackaging the ammunition, and then shipping it off again to you.  Saving a few dollars here and a few dollars there and then a few more dollars somewhere else really adds up!  Plus, the fewer trips through the UPS system, the better off we are from a theft and damage standpoint.
The objective of SRI is to deliver performance ammunition at a price point significantly lower than other high-quality ammunition.

You call some products "match grade."  What does that really mean?

We use the term "match grade" to indicate that a product was intentionally loaded to achieve consistent performance across a lot.  This DOES NOT mean that it's loaded to achieve maximum velocity.  Often times you will find that the match loads we offer will be a little slower or a little faster than competing benchmarks.  This is the result of each manufacturer's load development program and testing from a variety of firearms.  They settle on recipes that work for the particular caliber, primer, powder, brass, and bullet combinations, which all vary lot to lot.  When we call a product match grade, we have either independently verified performance from our own firearms or believe that the factory's test data is accurate and complete based on our history with that manufacturer.
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