Red Mountain Arsenal (RMA)

Red Mountain Arsenal is a precision ammunition manufacturer in Roswell, New Mexico.  Founded in 2018, their main business is producing high quality NATO spec ammunition for militaries around the world as well as made-to-order ammunition for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  They are a little-known brand in the commercial market but have contracted with us to serve the commercial segment.  RMA ammunition is consistent, reliable, and clean burning. 

RMA Quality Control

RMA ammunition is not manufactured as plinking or practice ammunition.  It is built to perform consistently and reliably using top-tier components and is assembled to ensure very high consistency.  Every lot is range tested prior to manufacture to ensure that the ammunition will perform as advertised.  Even recipes that they've made many times before are range tested to ensure that the specific combination of bullet, brass, powder, and primer will perform as expected.  When you receive a box of RMA ammunition, that particular load has been validated prior to the manufacturing run, it will perform as intended, and it will burn cleanly.

RMA Manufacturing Expertise

RMA management has the experience that you can only get from managing operations and quality control for the Nammo family of products.  From Lapua Olympic-grade rimfire development to shoulder fired missiles and ejection seats, RMA management has the breadth and depth of experience (and industry connections) to produce top tier ammunition.

RMA's in-house ballistician has spent decades in the industry and is an expert in his field.  From making some of the first Berger bullets with Walt Berger at a kitchen table to co-authoring industry leading reloading manuals to co-developing and testing some of Alliant's most popular powders, the technical competency of RMA's factory is simply outstanding.

The collective knowledge of the senior staff enables RMA to produce some of the best commercially available ammunition a shooter can get!

Beyond The First Shot

Quality ammunition uses premium components and we are eager to point out that the RMA ammunition we sell will always use extremely consistent first-run brass from respected manufacturers like Peterson, Lapua, Jagemann (Ammo Inc), RMI, RCC, and Winchester.  The new ammunition we sell performs exceptionally well and we want reloaders to get the added value of this high-end brass for many shots to follow.

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