General Terms & Conditions

We ship UPS ground FOB origin unless otherwise agreed in writing.  We do not send ammunition or firearms to PO Boxes.  

Send all required documents to [email protected] and include your order number (if available) in the subject line.



We do not ship ammunition to the following states or areas: Alaska (shipping), Hawaii (shipping), Massachusetts (General Law 122B), Washington DC (Code of DC sub. 5), Chicago/Cook County, New York City, or US Territories.

THAT SAID...we invite you to educate us and acknowledge that locals may have better insight to local and state laws than we do.

CALIFORNIA NOTES - we've contacted the CA Dept. of Justice to discuss the matter of C&R FFL holders receiving ammunition directly.  The DOJ hotline issues conflicting guidance.  Some agents begrudgingly admit that the text of the law permits C&R FFLs to accept ammunition directly.  Others insist that it is illegal but cannot cite a regulation specifically forbidding it..."but I know it's illegal, trust me on this one."  We've decided to use non-C&R FFLs for ammunition transfers.  The law may technically allow for C&R FFLs to receive ammunition but we have been advised to use FFLs for all transfers.  NO TRACER AMMUNITION.

CONNECTICUT NOTES - we require a legible government issued photo ID and state pistol permit card.

ILLINOIS NOTES - we will not ship to Chicago or Cook County.  Illinois customers outside of Chicago must provide a legible copy of a government issued photo ID and FOID card.

NEW JERSEY NOTES - we require a legible government issued photo ID and a NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card.

NEW YORK NOTES - we've read the NY SAFE Act and agree with those that say that the law (as of Sept. 2021) allows for ammunition shipments direct to customers.  However, many local police departments, the NY State Police, the NY SAFE Act hotline, and several NY firearm attorneys insist that an FFL is required for ammunition transfers.  We have been advised by several attorneys to use an FFL for ammunition transfers for our New York customers.  While we do not agree with it, we require an FFL for NY transfers.

All ammunition sales are final.  Do not purchase ammunition if you are not legally permitted to purchase or possess it. If you live in a jurisdiction that requires you to take possession of this product at a licensed (or otherwise "authorized") dealer, please ensure that they are willing and able to act as the intermediary for the transaction.  We will not pay transfer fees (or taxes) that are be imposed by a third party.

We do not ship ammunition outside of the United States.



All firearms sales are final unless otherwise agreed in writing and must ship to an FFL's physical address.  Please ensure that your FFL is willing to accept the shipment and log the transaction for you.  Transfers fees are the buyer's responsibility.  Do not purchase firearms if you are not legally permitted to purchase or possess it.

We do not ship firearms outside of the United States.