Updated: 27 December 2022

General Terms & Conditions

We ship UPS ground FOB origin unless otherwise agreed in writing.  We do not send ammunition or firearms to PO Boxes.

What we mean by FOB origin

We will take responsibility for any service failures within our control, no questions asked.  If we caused a failure (ex. a short shipment, wrong product, etc.), we will make it right at no cost to you.  This could mean shipping more product to you for free, refunding a sale (whole or in part), or other steps to remedy an error on our end.  If this requires you to ship something back to us, we will provide the return shipping label as well.  We handle this on a case-by-case basis.  Contact us to work it out.

We are a trusting group of people and will usually default to "the customer is right."  This has been discovered and exploited by shady customers.  As a result, we can no longer simply trust a customer's word that we messed up a shipment no-questions-asked.  Our "short-shipment" policy is as follows:

If you receive a short shipment, take pictures of the box and look for signs of tampering.  Contact us immediately.  We will notify UPS and our ATF IOI, as/if required.  We will confirm the quantity ordered with you and check our UPS weigh-in receipts to see if a box was indeed light at weigh-in.  UPS scales are very reliable - just missing a single item from a shipment will be obvious!  An entire 20rd box of ammunition is impossible to miss.  If we find that we short-shipped, we will (1) send you the balance of product to you, if available -or- (2) refund the difference promptly -or- (3) take any other legal and reasonable steps to make it right.  If we can confirm that we shipped the appropriate product(s) in the correct amount(s) and that you were a victim of in-transit theft, we will help you open a complaint with UPS and back you up with all of the information we have available.  We can no longer simply accept a customer's assertion that we shorted a shipment on a no-questions-asked basis.  This was an unwritten policy of ours until we were found out and whacked like an ammunition piñata.

On our end, we take precautions to prevent in-transit theft (porch pirates, freight workers, etc.) by taking steps that downplay the contents of our shipments to casual observers.  For example, shipments that contain HazMat (like ammunition) require a distinctive label.  We place this label on the side of the box opposite the shipping label so that it is not readily visible when on a conveyor belt, rack, or a doorstep.  We use plain boxes without logos or images that might give a passerby a hint of what's inside. But this does not always work.



We do not ship ammunition to the following states or areas: Alaska (shipping), Hawaii (shipping), Massachusetts (General Law 122B), Washington DC (Code of DC sub. 5), Chicago/Cook County, New York City, or US Territories.

THAT SAID...we invite you to educate us and acknowledge that locals may have better insight to local and state laws than we do.

CALIFORNIA NOTES - we've contacted the CA Dept. of Justice to discuss the matter of C&R FFL holders receiving ammunition directly.  The DOJ hotline issues conflicting guidance.  Some agents begrudgingly admit that the text of the law permits C&R FFLs to accept ammunition directly.  Others insist that it is illegal but cannot cite a regulation specifically forbidding it..."but I know it's illegal, trust me on this one."  We've decided to use non-C&R FFLs for ammunition transfers.  The law may technically allow for C&R FFLs to receive ammunition but we have been advised to use FFLs for all transfers.  NO TRACER AMMUNITION.

CONNECTICUT NOTES - we require a legible government issued photo ID and state pistol permit card.  We will only send ammunition to an address listed on one of those forms of ID.

ILLINOIS NOTES - we will not ship to Chicago or Cook County.  Illinois customers outside of Chicago must provide a legible copy of a government issued photo ID and FOID card.  We will only send ammunition to an address listed on one of those forms of ID.

NEW JERSEY NOTES - we require a legible government issued photo ID and either a (1) NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card, (2) a valid copy of your permit to purchase a handgun, or (3) a valid copy of your permit to carry a handgun.  We will only send ammunition to an address listed on one of those forms of ID.

NEW YORK NOTES - we've read the NY SAFE Act and NY Penal Law 400.03 and agree with those that say that the law (as of Feb. 2022) does not require FFL transfers for ammunition provided we can establish your age.  However, recent announcements by the state AG indicate that they will seek prosecution anyway.  We require all NY shipments to go to an in-state FFL.

All ammunition sales are final.  Do not purchase ammunition if you are not legally permitted to purchase or possess it. If you live in a jurisdiction that requires you to take possession of this product at a licensed (or otherwise "authorized") dealer, please ensure that they are willing and able to act as the intermediary for the transaction.  We will not pay transfer fees (or taxes) that are imposed by a third party.

We do not ship ammunition outside of the United States.



All firearms sales are final unless otherwise agreed in writing and must ship to an FFL's physical address.  Please ensure that your FFL is willing to accept the shipment and log the transaction for you.  Transfers fees are the buyer's responsibility.  Do not purchase firearms if you are not legally permitted to purchase or possess it.

We do not ship firearms outside of the United States.

Tax Collection & Reporting

Tax is an unavoidable requirement for retailers.  While we are required to collect and remit sales tax for jurisdictions in which we've established a nexus, many tax authorities insist that this does not relieve you of a use tax burden.  SRI will make reasonable efforts to notify you of any tax due but cannot guarantee that our tax advice is correct.  State and local tax laws are constantly changing and it is not practical for us to become tax experts for every jurisdiction in America.  Please review your local tax rules to know if you are required to remit use or sales tax.



South Dakota law requires the following statement from SRI:

Even though SRI is not required to, and does not, collect South Dakota sales and use tax, the purchase is subject to South Dakota use tax unless specifically exempt.  The purchase is not exempt because it’s purchased on the internet, by catalog or by other remote means and the state requires the purchaser to report any non-taxed purchase and to pay use tax on the purchase, and the tax may be reported and paid on the South Dakota use tax form, which is available on the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation website.

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